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Replacement blower for Dayton 4C447, 1TDR3 273 CFM 1640 RPM 115V

Replacement blower for Dayton 4C447, 1TDR3 273 CFM 1640 RPM 115V

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273 CFM, 1640 RPM, .77 amps, 115 Volts 60/50hz.
Mounting - All Position
Ball Bearings
Max Inlet Temp. 104F
Outlet Flange Bolt Hole Dimension: 4-7/8" x 4-3/8"
Automatic Overload Protection

Non Reversible
Not recommended for speed control
Blower has no power cord or on/off switch
One Year Manufacture Warranty
Dayton Model 4C447 is discontinued - the 1TDR3 blower is the direct replacement
This will replace the Fasco B45227, 7063-3277
This blower is also listed on the label as 1TDR3A

Suggested replacement reference for:
7063-3277; 7073-0107 Earth Stove
7073-1449 England
7063-4996 National Steel
7063-4769 National Stoveworks
7063-6345 Nor Aire Mfg.
7063-6861 Orville Products
7063-4777 Peacock Stove
7063-4755 Russo Woodstove
7063-4996 Steelcrafters
7063-6861 Orville Products
7063-7102 US Stove
7063-7529 Vestal Mfg
7063-4775, 7063-4824, 7163-4824, 7063-4343; 7063-3324, 7063-8154
AO Smith Equivilent 459A, JA29107, JA2P122, JA2P195

Englander Pellet Stove Convection Blower PU-4C447 - 11-1214 G
Fits Models:
and American Heritage models
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